Craft room Cluster

My husband and I bought our first home in May 2009 and it’s  been a work in progress ever since. Things are coming along and we’re almost done but one outstanding item on my list of to dos was my craft room – or lack thereof.  Still riding high on the optimism the new year brings I spent my Sunday creating my perfect craft room setup.

Here are some images of the process.

We had extra space in the guest bedroom I have since claimed. I brought up all the miscellaneous bags and boxes I had haphazardly thrown in our basement and began to organize. What were the best tools in my arsenal for this straightening session? Here’s a list of what I couldn’t have done without:

  1. A folding craft table. My husband bought me this gem from Lowe’s as a Christmas present this year.  When guests come, I’ll be able to fold it up and hide it under the bed for more room. Genius!
  2. Plastic storage containers and drawers. I organized the bins by the types of materials as well as the hobby they applied to. I ended up with containers for sewing, scrapbooking and misc crafting. I bought all my containers at Walmart. They sell the bins perfect for 12 x 12 sheets of paper at a fraction of the price that craft stores do.
  3. A Dymo Personal Label Maker. For many reasons, this is one item I cannot live without!!! I highly suggest purchasing one of these for all your organizational needs. I labeled what each bin contains so I don’t have to search for things when I’m crafting.

I’m happy with the setup I created… but I can’t say I’m not a bit sad I don’t have a sweet spot like these craft rooms featured on HGTV’s site. Oh well, when I make my first million I’ll indulge myself.


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