Lantern Centerpieces: Fall Wedding Ideas

In my opinion, getting married is a huge let down for the girl that had a blast planning it. All that time leading up to it, focusing on the finest details, making sure it’s all perfect… then it’s done in a day. Blah! It’s enough to make some of us go mad. What happens then? We stalk others who are in the planning phase, attaching ourselves to their ideas and putting in our two cents every chance we can get. Yes… I have become that girl. Fortunately/unfortunately for my friend Jessica, she is getting married and I have offered to lend my wedding expertise. (You know having one yourself clearly makes you a professional.)

Jessica is arranging a fall wedding for 2010 and is at the beginning of the planning process. We’ve been throwing around some ideas about economical reception centerpieces and I mentioned the concept of using lanterns. It immediately went on the serious reception decor possibility list as she explained to me how much her and her fiancé love the lanterns they got from Ikea.  Since then, I’ve been looking for lantern centerpiece ideas for her.

Here are some of the lantern centerpieces that make my favorite list:

If you have any lantern centerpiece pictures you could share, please do! I’d love to see some more for inspiration (and I know Jessica cannot wait to be annoyed by my sharing again)!!!



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2 responses to “Lantern Centerpieces: Fall Wedding Ideas

  1. Jessica

    Thanks to you I looked at wedding dresses last night for about 4 hours and made a document with pictures and descriptions from each website I went to hahah…but don’t worry it was actually fun :) …I just needed someone to kickstart my wedding craze again :)

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