Digging Deep for Patience – A is for Apron: Deep Pockets Pattern

I’m not going to lie, I’m sort of starting to despise the A is for Apron book. The patterns are AMAZING. However, the enlargement issue is REALLY getting old fast. What a PIA that I have to scan them in, crop them properly, enlarge them correctly, print them out, make sure they’re indeed accurately enlarged, cut them out, etc. Lark Books, you are getting a letter from me! How you published this without a set of patterns or instructions on how to enlarge them on your own is beyond me. My name is Beth, I’ll be in touch.

On a more positive note, I’m very pleased with how the Deep Pockets pattern came out. This is my version… I’m calling it “Seedling.”

This apron was much easier than the first, mostly because I’d gotten my reintroduction to sewing 101 out of the way. Again, I made a few changes to the pattern. I cut the waist band piece shorter and in the same fabric as the pocket. I also double lined the pocket; I hate when you have an amazing print and then you look into a pocket to see the back of it – yuck. My favorite part of this apron is that I made the back (you can see it in the pocket area) out of a cotton canvas. This reinforced it and made it very durable. It will be perfect for gardening or doing other outside chores (go away winter, I want to play in it!).


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