Homemade Headbands Sent with Love

In October I went to Christmas in the Woods and saw some amazing ribbon headbands with accents. I knew it was a DIY project in the making… it was just finding the right person to craft them for me :) I’ll admit that it was probably something I could have done on my own, but I enlisted the help of my cousin Stacy instead. She is an amazingly creative person and I knew she’d whip these out in no time.

These little gems arrived in the mail shortly thereafter.

My favorite part about Stacy’s headbands was that she created several flowers for me to choose from and apply on my own. (Very thoughtful since you never know if other people have the same sense of style as you – as she so eloquently put in an enclosed note to me.)

 So, how can a girl decide on just one when there are so many beauties to choose from??? I don’t. When I want to wear a flower, or two, or three… I just sew them on. If I want to change them, I take them off. I obviously don’t sew them on very securely… but it works.

Just a little story in case your crafting for someone else and you want to add a little variety into their life; think about sending several options of your design for them to choose from.

More of Stacy’s creations are coming soon to Mia Knitwear.



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2 responses to “Homemade Headbands Sent with Love

  1. stacy

    WOW! this website is amazing…the creative round of applause goes to you! the pictures are great, and the content is interesting and well written! i’m a fan.

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