Trippin' on A is for Apron – Psychedelic Squares Pattern

Last night I was able to squeeze in another A is for Apron sewing fiesta before American Idol :) Here are my thoughts on the A is for Apron Psychedelic Squares pattern.

  • It was easy to make – a total of 2 hours for everything and I know I’m not efficient.
  • It looks super cute on. The ties wrap around in the front and the pocket is perfectly positioned – it has a vintage feel to it but it’s still very modern in its shape.
  • If I was Nathalie Mornu, I probably would have placed this one towards the front of the patterns in the book. The A is for Apron book does not seem to organize its patterns by skill level. I think in a How To book, you should really focus on building your skills apron by apron so the hardest ones are last. It’s sort of a crap shoot in this one, you just have to visually gauge which ones are going to be painful and which ones you can finish in no time.
  • This pattern is all about the fabric because the cut is super simple. If you picked solid colors, this would be very boring. I wanted to stay true to the “Psychedelic Squares” theme so I picked these funky little gems to make it a bit bolder without being too loud. In honor of my brother, I’m going to call it “Hippy Lib.” (It’s too bad this wasn’t a bib apron, Hippy Bib would have been better! I may need to rethink this in the future if there’s another that applies lol.)

I won two vintage apron patterns on eBay this week and I can’t wait to get them in the mail. I’d like to vary my designs away from A is for Apron, so I’m looking forward to having some new patterns to play with. I’m also going to start making some pieces of my own – I’ve modified everything in Mornu’s book so far so I might as well do my own thing. Can’t wait to share :)


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