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You Win Some, You Lose Some

Thursdays have turned into my weekday cooking marathon day. Since my husband is still in law school and has night class, I have my parents over for a nice meal then my good friend Matt comes over to watch some TV… which of course requires snacks. With all of the activity, I have the opportunity to try out lots of new recipes.  Sometimes I come across a keeper… other times I’m sad I wasted the time and money to try out a dud. Last night was a win some, lose some kind of night.

Let’s start with the loser. I tried the Parmesan-Herb Popcorn recipe from the Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate Winter magazine. You think the fact that it called for parmesan cheese and it said that they used Kraft’s to test it would have tipped me off – I’m only a 1/4 Italian but I know that is not real cheese. Then, it called for a 1/4 cup of Italian Seasoning to 20 cups of popcorn, holy! I am not a huge fan of Italian Seasoning on a good day, so I used about half that – but that was STILL too overwhelming. The final product had a weird rosemary flavor and despite the fact that I baked it for an hour with olive oil like the recipe said, all of the cheese still fell off and floated to the bottom of the bowl. My dad took a bite and spit it out. Matt, who never says anything mean about anyone or anything, sealed it with a remark of disapproval. My mom smelled the bowl and passed on a taste test of her own. Clearly this is a not a recipe I will EVER be making again.

Enter original modern lady, Martha Stewart, to save the evening snack scene. Her recipe for Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies was the big winner of the night! I made two modifications to her ingredient list. First, I used salted butter instead of unsalted. (I’m salty by nature, so I don’t mind it.) Second, I used dark chocolate chips. I prepared everything just as her directions outline. The only other issue I had was that it definitely did not take 15 to 18 minutes for these in my oven, the first batch was a lot toastier than I wanted. The rest I cooked for 12 minutes and they had a crunchy outside and warm, gooey center. This giant chocolate chip cookie recipe is a keeper for sure! Perhaps my version of these little gems will make their county fair debut this summer :)


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