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Yet Another A is for Apron Post – Twirl Girl

Friday, Saturday and Sunday came and went as fast as ever this past weekend. My lofty plans to whip out several aprons were quickly shoved aside and replaced with must-do mundane trips to the grocery store and so on. Determined not to let the weekend past without at least one creation to my name, I made the A is for Apron pattern Twirl Girl. I’m calling mine Flower Child – not super original… but you have to admit it goes with the print.

The Twirl Girl pattern – as with Mornu‘s other pieces – wasn’t without its issues but I think it turned out quite well. I LOVE the zig zag effect the two fabrics make on the bottom! I used IKEA fabrics so I had to line it.  It was extra work, but the print was too fun to pass up :) I have a thing with pretty bows so I made the ties extra long as well.

Unlike the other aprons I’ve made recently, this one will not be going up in my Etsy store. Instead, it’s embarking on a journey to Danville, PA for a faux sister of mine. It’s always an adjustment when you move and adding a new job and city on top of it is really overwhelming. Hopefully this little apron will bring a smile to Miss Caryn’s face. Caryn is most definitely a modern lady; I know she will put it to good use. (Kudos to her real sister, Claudia, for always thinking of her siblings first and soliciting presents on their behalf!)


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A Fruitful Project: A is for Apron, Fruit Tart

A week ago today, I started an apron from the book A is for Apron by Nathalie Mornu. After 7 lonely days of the pattern pieces sitting in my “latest creation” jar… the Fruit Tart apron is complete!

I call my version of this apron, “Tweet.” My husband told me I should wear it when I post on Twitter – classy.

The apron took longer than I expected… I don’t follow directions well (at all) and I made my own pattern modifications. It also turns out I missed a few of the sewing basics along the way so I had to watch a lot of how-to videos in the process.

Here are some of the resources I personally found helpful:

  • A lot of the patterns in A is for Apron call for making your own bias tape. This was a first for me but it turns out that was easy; the hard part was putting it on. Can you believe I didn’t know how to put on bias binding?! Yikes. This bias tape tutorial from Angry Chicken saved me :)
  • As embarrassing as it is to say… I also didn’t know how to baste. In fact, I read the line “Baste 1/8 inch (3mm) from the bottom edge” in the instructions and thought… wtf?! Although this video looks like it was made in 1972 (is that lady’s outfit for real?), this video tutorial on How to Machine Baste was very useful!

I’m so excited about this apron that I’m starting on another – “Deep Pockets.”

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How to Make a Pillow Cover

With the New Year rung in, it’s time for the dreaded decoration deconstruction. I had a blast this year decorating my new home for Christmas and did a lot of little projects around the place to make it feel festive. Some of my favorites were the Christmas pillows I made.


  1. I started with 6 completed pillows in various sizes. My mom had a bunch that no longer matched her decor that she gave me to “play” with. Thus, the idea of the Christmas themed pillow covers came to mind. Covers are a great way to change your decor for the holidays or reuse something you otherwise would have given away or thrown out.  I think some Valentine’s day pillow covers might need to go into production here soon.  
  2. I then found an online tutorial for how to make a pillow cover with an invisible zipper. I’ve never made a pillow cover before but this blog post from Never Yawn had a great tutorial on this (others listed below). I used fleece for the fabric. I had a guest at our New Years Eve party tell me how much she loved them because they felt like Snuggies!  
  3. Once I was done with the covers, I created shapes and letters out of remaining fabric to attach. I did four of the circles and buttons and two with holiday phrases.
  4. I applied the cutouts by hand, sewing them on with coordinating embroidery floss. I didn’t use any fancy techniques just a simple straight stitch. I threw some buttons on the pillows with the circle design for a final touch and voilà!

Here are some other great posts on how to make a pillow cover:


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