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Lady Gaga Valentine’s Day Card

My husband and I have always had the type of the relationship that isn’t smothered in ooey gooey “I love you”s and cliché romantic gestures. I’m not a touchy feely/overly emotional person by nature and I married someone that isn’t either.  We’re very sarcastic and we take nothing seriously, so we always find it funny when people comment about how we interact with one another. Here’s the deal… we just like to do things our own way. lol.

Valentine’s Day is no exception in our house. Although we went skiing together and had a nice dinner yesterday, our gifts to one another were not your traditional sentimentally-fluffed purchases. My favorite part of my present to Chad was my handmade card, which I had to share… simply because it makes me laugh every time I look at it

We both share a deep love for Lady Gaga. Yes, she is a bit over the top…but her music is fabulous. So, after having a debate over what she means by a “bad romance,” the idea of a Lady Gaga inspired handmade Valentine crept into my head. Ta-da!

What elements of this card make it an all time favorite of mine? 1.) The picture of Lady Gaga. Although everything she wears is outrageous, this is one of the best ensembles to date. 2.) The lyrics from Monster; they are ridiculous. 3.) The schizophrenic magazine-style cutouts.

I know not everyone will be producing a Lady Gaga Valentine from this. However, I think the idea is a good one. Nothing says “I love you” more than something handmade. Focusing on something you have in common or share a love for makes it even more special. Even though my husband and I clearly have a bizarre sense of humor… for Chad, this was a perfect Valentine.


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