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Craft room Cluster

My husband and I bought our first home in May 2009 and it’s  been a work in progress ever since. Things are coming along and we’re almost done but one outstanding item on my list of to dos was my craft room – or lack thereof.  Still riding high on the optimism the new year brings I spent my Sunday creating my perfect craft room setup.

Here are some images of the process.

We had extra space in the guest bedroom I have since claimed. I brought up all the miscellaneous bags and boxes I had haphazardly thrown in our basement and began to organize. What were the best tools in my arsenal for this straightening session? Here’s a list of what I couldn’t have done without:

  1. A folding craft table. My husband bought me this gem from Lowe’s as a Christmas present this year.  When guests come, I’ll be able to fold it up and hide it under the bed for more room. Genius!
  2. Plastic storage containers and drawers. I organized the bins by the types of materials as well as the hobby they applied to. I ended up with containers for sewing, scrapbooking and misc crafting. I bought all my containers at Walmart. They sell the bins perfect for 12 x 12 sheets of paper at a fraction of the price that craft stores do.
  3. A Dymo Personal Label Maker. For many reasons, this is one item I cannot live without!!! I highly suggest purchasing one of these for all your organizational needs. I labeled what each bin contains so I don’t have to search for things when I’m crafting.

I’m happy with the setup I created… but I can’t say I’m not a bit sad I don’t have a sweet spot like these craft rooms featured on HGTV’s site. Oh well, when I make my first million I’ll indulge myself.


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Lessons in the Domestic Arts

As a digital marketing consultant by day and a DIY craft enthusiast by night, it was just a matter of time before I got around to starting this blog. However, being the anal retentive person that I am, I needed a clean start date for my new endeavor. Bless you 2010! So, here we are … one day into the New Year and one entry down for The Modern Lady.

Why The Modern Lady? My whole life I’ve always loved the lost arts of the happy homemaker. I sew, I scrapbook, I decorate cakes, I can cook a mean pot roast and so on. But what’s amazing to me now as a 25 year old is these skills make me somewhat of an anomaly.

I got married in July ’09 along with a heap of others in our social circle and not one other wife is quite like me. A lot of them don’t do scratch cooking, almost none of them know how to bake and surprisingly enough picking out decorative elements for their home is a like a trip to the dentist’s office.  I don’t even mention that I sew or scrapbook around them for fear I’ll be treated like a leper. The worst part is that somehow knowing how to do these things makes me appear like I’m an anti-feminist with a fluff job that has nothing better to do with her time than make stupid Christmas pillows by hand.

Well, I’m putting my foot down. Cooking, baking, scrapbooking, sewing, decorating and painting, etc is not the stuff of weirdos people. Any one of the above can be learned in time and I stand by the fact that it’s therapeutic to have hobbies like these. Not to mention, you can save a TON of money by making things on your own or even sell the gems that you create! There is a reason why Etsy.com is the shit (In late December, Rob Kalin (CEO of Etsy) reported the site helped sell roughly $200 million worth of goods in 2009!).

If you aspire to be the next Martha Stewart (goddess of all things crafty) like me, keep stopping back. I can’t wait to hear from other modern ladies like me :)


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